Your dog will soar like never before

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The trubo disk doggy frisbee new at we have the latest trending pet products and this state-of-the-art and ergonomically designed canine flying disc is the Booda soft bite turbo disk is really awesome.

My dog absolutely loves this turbo disk! We have tried many different Frisbees and outside throw and  catch toys…This Toy will have your Dog So excited to go out and get fresh air. The reason I love this Dog  toy is that it’s so soft all around, it does not hurt or aggravate my Pups mouth,  like all other frisbees ect. He absolutely loves it! It throws easy and goes far, then bounces and he jumps up and catches it and doesn’t want me to stop, The round circle in the Center helps the dog to better pick it up off the ground and bring it back to you. This paws down,Will have you and your dog having so much fun Together, also great for teaching and training… I have been practicing with my dog … Bring it, drop it, and leave it. This toy has brought so much happiness to  Both us and our dog. I hope you and your Doggies enjoy this toy as much as we do.