Perfect Pet Chews 2 ct Deer Antler Dog Chews All Natural Grade A Premium Antlers, Long Lasting Dog Treats, Organic Dog Chews, Naturally Shed Antlers from USA

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  • Recommended for dogs 10-20 lbs. Our small deer antler will be approximately 3.5″ long and weigh at least .5 oz. It is the perfect natural dog bone for small dogs.
  • Long lasting, the perfect antler for dogs that tend to be more aggressive chewers. Many customers find that our deer antler chew lasts months, making them an exceptional value when compared to other natural dog bones available on the market today.
  • Premium North American shed antler. We source our antlers within the US and because we use shed antler, no animals are harmed in the production of our natural dog chews.
  • Our antler bones for dogs, promote good dental hygiene. Provides a safe chewing option while helping to keep teeth clean and breath fresh.
  • We never add dyes, preservatives or chemical enhancements making it the perfect choice for consumers looking for all natural dog bones. Antler is a porous substance, any fluid introduced can be absorbed by the antler, thereby altering its natural state.
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    Why Perfect Pet Chews?

    Here at Perfect Pet Chews we use 100% All Natural Premium Shed Antlers for all of our dog chews and pet products. Antlers are loaded with calcium and other healthy minerals. Most people confuse an antler as a bone which is in fact incorrect. Antlers do not have a hallow center. They have a rich marrow center that is found to be very attractive to dogs. In result of a full center, antlers will last much longer as a chew for your dog than any bone or substitute out there. We hand select all of the antler that comes through our shop and make sure that our chews are good quality and have sanded edges. We do not add any chemical enhancements, dyes, or preservatives to our products. Just all natural North American Shed Antler that is the “Perfect Pet Chew” for your best friend.

    There are several types of antler you can choose from and the health benefits are found in all of these but there are some differences and we want to give you a little more information about these below.